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Hey there!

My name is Susha, I am originally from Ukraine and I bake.

It all started back in 2019 when I realized that my passion is baking. Also I couldn’t let those 5 years of the art school go to waste. My mom simply wouldn’t forgive me! 

My goal is to make cakes and sweets that will beautify your celebration! 

It begins with the best ingredients and delicious recipes and then is baked with love. When the cake is assembled there goes my favorite part and by then all my brushes are ready. I try to transfer your vision on it and make it unique. Isn’t that fun?

I like to think that my works are both inspirational and delicious hoping that it doesn’t only bring joy to the people it’s made for but also sparkles imagination and pushes other talented bakers to create. All the flavors are my trusted favorites; I also cater special events so contact me to place an order!

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